About Us

Advanced Water Group Pty Ltd (“AWG”) is an Australian company that specialises in waste water treatment.

AWG has exclusive rights to the Nepsus waste water treatment system — a revolutionary process for the treatment of waste water that has unprecedented flexibility when compared to conventional technology and exceeds most environmental compliance standards both nationally and internationally.

The AWG team and its founders have more than 50 years’ experience in the water and waste water industry. One of the key founders of AWG, Mr Samuel Luxenberg, biochemist and Technical Director of AWG developed a new patented waste water treatment process in 2002 called the Nepsus Continuous Backflow and Upstream Media (“CBUM”) system. This patented process has been installed in several waste water treatment applications across the United States and is now available in Australia.

AWG is focused on deploying the patented Nepsus CBUM system both in Australia and globally due to the significant benefits it provides to the environment and financial advantages it can deliver to its operators.

AWG is continuing to improve the Nepsus CBUM system and develop new and complementary technologies to provide a sustainable and ecologically friendly future for one of the world’s most precious resources – water.